Lantana Reviews – 2011


This time of the year, mid-August, the champion nectar plant in my garden is lantana. Butterflies and hummingbrids both are attracted to its sweet nectar.
The four varieties pictured above are the ones I am testing out this year.

Ham and Eggs is my favorite. I really like the pink and yellow combination. It grows in pots, hanging baskets and even does pretty well in partial shade. It about medium height and makes a great display.

Chapel Hill Yellow is a new variety I’ m trying out and it seems to be doing well also. It’s a low-growing variety and would probably also do well in a hanging basket.

Star Landing is a very vigorous variety and right now is four foot high and three foot tall. Its bright yellow and orange is a striking color combination.

Miss Huff is the only variety which is a bit disappointing. It’s color combinations are washed out and looks like a faded t-shirt. It also is very vigorous and tall, but it won’t be invited back next year.


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  1. Andy

    L. camara “Christine” is another beauty.

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