Charcoal Fertilizer – Terra Preta

After doing previous charcoal experiments, (check out the Charcoal Category),  I’ve decided that this will be my first year to put charcoal over my entire garden. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to break down so I can incorporate it into my soil. There may be a PH, soil acidity, problem, but I will have to watch and see what happens with charcoal. I ended up using 100# of charcoal for all my gardens. Note – I have found at least one brand of briquettes, Wicked Good Charcoal, say that they only use corn starch as a binder. Other sources seem to have a few more ingredients, but nothing terrible.

Here are a few more sites I have found about Terra Preta


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2 responses to “Charcoal Fertilizer – Terra Preta

  1. Dana

    Are you using charcoal briquettes like you use in a grill?

  2. I am using regular briquettes.
    While I’d like to use “natural” charcoal,
    my experiments show that it just does not break down
    and you would have to manually break it up with a brick or something similar.

    Briquettes have a water soluble binder which breaks down over time.

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