Bermuda Grass – Great for Skippers

I actually like Bermuda Grass for two reasons.

1. A lot of my grass is dying out from the 100 degree temperatures. My bermuda grass loves the heat and looks great.

2. Most important, fiery skippers use this as a host plant. Here’s a picture I took this morning of a blade of bermuda grass with a fiery skipper egg. Probably other skippers use bermuda grass also, but I’ve only seen fiery skippers so far.


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2 responses to “Bermuda Grass – Great for Skippers

  1. Dana

    This is a cool photo. Your posting is very timely for me because yesterday I noticed a skipper laying eggs on St. Augustine. I finally located one of the eggs and clipped the runner it was on. I’d like to raise it by hand, but I’m not sure how. I’ve raised lots of Swallowtails & Monarchs, but I have a feeling Skippers will have different requirements. Do you know how to raise Skippers?

    Thanks, Dana

  2. I have not raised the smaller skippers. Since the leaf is so small and easy to dry out, I’d probably suggest digging up a section of the grass and putting that in a pot. Since it also later in the season, they might not mature fully into adults.

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