Willow Cuttings Tip

Willow has a natural tendency to root fairly easily in just a bucket of water, but if you look at the picture you’ll see a major difference. The willow with the green leaves and the roots on the right are ones which had their tops trimmed.

The cuttings on their left did not have their tops trimmed and thus for some reason did not leaf out or root?  I wonder why this is?

I also discovered that you need to change the water at least once a week, or it goes bad and smells.


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3 responses to “Willow Cuttings Tip

  1. Ash

    How much do you trim off the top?

  2. Ash McSorley

    Thanks for the quick reply on the length to cut off

    I have a couple smaller cuttings around 18″ in length from last fall that I kept indoors in water and I have been changing out the water every now and then. Although I just read on another site they recommend not changing out the water. Link Below. Most sites say to change out the water…

    “The plant will secrete chemicals to encourage root growth. Never empty out the water; only add small amounts of water as it evaporates.”


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