Mulch and Soil by the Cubic Yard

StlCompost-800If you want to either start a new garden or enhance the one you have, you’ll usually end up buying bags of dirt, compost and mulch at your local big box store. I’ve got another option – at least for my St. Louis friends.

St. Louis Compost has a gigantic composting facility which has five types of compost , five types of soil, and 11 types of mulch. From my calculations, the prices are 50% of what you’d pay at the big box store, but you do need a truck or trailer to actually pick up the materials.

They can deliver for approximately $50.

My favorite mulch is the Black Forest. It is very fine and melts into the soil. By the bag, they sell it for $3 for 2 cubic ft. The big box stores only give you 1.5 cu ft for the same price.


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