Bananas and Beer Feeder

I’ve never had much luck feeding spoiled bananas to butterflies, but I’m going to give it one more try. In the latest Butterfly Gardening magazine the author, Joan Myrom guarantees this mixture will work.
– Ripe banana in the freezer over night. Bring it out the next day, let it thaw and cut it up.
– 2 Tab. blackstrap molasses
– 3/4 cup beer
Hang the mixture in a tree and keep your fingers crossed.

I’d use some sort of heavy open tray or plate that you can either hang or place in the tree.
It will probably attract flies and wasps – one of its disadvantages.



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2 responses to “Bananas and Beer Feeder

  1. Hang the mixture in a tree? Do you put it in a hummer feeder of some kind, or in an open container?

    Does it not attract wasps?

  2. Lieren

    I haven’t heard of doing this. Is the benefit to the butterflies appreciable?

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