verbena-bona-01 verbena-moss-img_2623
Verbean bonareinsis Verbena tenuisecta

Generally all verbenas are good nectar plants, the problem is that most are annuals or can’t stand the cold.

In St. Louis, two verbenas that reseed themselves are:
Verbena bonariensis – grows tall.
Verbena tenuisecta – Moss Verbena (only 12″ tall)

I did try Verbena rigida – Sandpaper Verbena – don’t grow this variety – it’s not a good nectar plant and it is invasive via underground runners.

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  1. Mindy

    I like Verbean bonareinsis a lot. In Erie,PA it reseeds readily but is easily controlled and stays blooming until heavy frost. It’s my last nectar plant of the season every year

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