The Only Thing Butterflies Need?

I’m always amazed at the bad advice and misinformation you can find online. One recent article I found said, “The only things butterflies are looking for as they flutter about are flowers — nectar sources — and any colorful garden will make them feel right at home.”
The statement is actually wrong on two counts:
1. Butterflies are also looking for host plants. Nectar plants will give them energy, but they need host plants to lay their eggs. I frequently see butterflies going from plant to plant searching for the right host plant. Note – they also hunt for minerals, amino acids and all sorts of nutrients they need.

2. The second things wrong is that any colorful garden is good for butterflies – again wrong. Butterflies are looking for good nectar sources not colorful plants. Your garden could be filled with roses, yet you’d see few butterflies. Roses are not good nectar sources.


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