Plantskydd for Rabbits

If you have trouble with rabbits chewing your prize plants, you can give Plantskydd a try. June Hutson of the Missouri Botanical Garden uses it and says, “Rabbits hate it and I always say if rabbits eat plants that have Plantskyd on them, they deserve to have them. It is usually quite effective.” Note – it’s quite expensive and not everyone has good luck. I don’t use it – I have too many plants to protect. I have been known to use 3′ tall plastic fencing to protect new plants, plus I have used no-kill traps to move them to a different location.
What is your answer for rabbits?

Plantskydd for Rabbits

Plantskydd for Rabbits


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  1. Vikki

    There are a few different formulas of the product. You can get the soluble powder concentrate. The 1 lb box makes 4 quarts, and it’s only a few dollars more than the ready-to-use quart shown above. There is also a new granular formula, that you just sprinkle on and around the garden. It works for most herbivores, just like the ready-to-use, and the powder concentrate.

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