Dealing with the Phlox Bug

A friend mentioned that she was infested with the Phlox bug and ask for my recommendations. Here’s my answer:

I had a bad year with bugs on my Hop Tree last year because of some bugs, but this year it’s fine. Just because one year is bad, doesn’t mean the following year will follow.

I’d also be inclined to plant other species.
Having just one primary plant is dangerous.
If that one plant fails, then your garden looks terrible.

The plants still need their strength for the following year,
so I’d let them keep growing. Don’t cut them back until the fall.
I’d even fertilize them to help.

I’d follow the advice I found at MoBot:
“The phlox bug overwinters in the egg stage in dead phlox stems.”

It looks like if you do a good cleanup this fall,
you won’t have the problem next year.

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